Ancient Fishes Symposium Schedule at American Fisheries Society!

Ancient Fishes Symposium

Here’s the schedule for the Ancient Fishes Symposium at the 2016 American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting in Kansas City! We will provide updates accordingly. For those of you not attending, you can follow the symposium on Twitter with the hashtag #AncientSportFish! We’ll follow up with recap posts in the future; if you have any questions, email

Monday, August 22, 2016

Conservation of Ancient Fishes, and that “Alligator Gar vs. Asian Carp” question…

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Alligator Gars (Atractosteus spatula) have been getting a lot of attention in the media recently, from headlines that they are “a weapon against Asian Carp” to the hunt for a single gator gar in small-town New York to “they’re not weapons against Asian Carp.”

We had the opportunity to provide insight and additional background information on the Illinois Alligator Gar Reintroduction, conservation of ancient fishes, and what current science suggests regarding Asian Carp control. Please read and share, more to come!