Primary and current references on various aspects of primitive fishes will be listed here.  If you have a reference you think should be listed, please email me at  References should be listed in the format of the American Fisheries Society to maintain consistency.

Publications (updated 11.2.2012)
Clement, A.M. 2012. A new species of long-snouted lungfish from the Late Devonian of Australia, and its functional and biogeographical implications. Palaeontology 55: 51–71. doi: 10.1111/j.1475-4983.2011.01118.x

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Clay, T.A., M.D. Suchy, A.M. Ferrara, Q.C. Fontenot, and W. Lorio. 2011. Early growth and survival of larval alligator gar, Atractosteus spatula, reared on artificial floating feed with or without a live Artemia spp. supplement. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 42: 412-416.

Selected Earlier Publications

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Fishbase, viewed December 2010.  Available:

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Wiley, E.O. 1976. The phylogeny and biogeography of fossiland recent gars (Actinopterygii: Lepisosteidae). University of Kansas Museum of Natural History Miscellaneous Publication 64:1-111.

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