The 7 Wonderful Gar of the World

We had the privilege of writing a guest post on gars for the FINtastic Fisheries Blog; and check out the awesome GARtwork by Hannah Dean!

The Fisheries Blog

“As useless and destructive in our productive waters as wolves and foxes formerly were in our pastures and poultry yards”
~Forbes & Richardson, 1920

The 7 gar (Lepisostidae) species of the world. (Hannah Dean) The 7 gar (Lepisosteidae) species of the world. Find prints of this Gartwork at Hannah Dean‘s website.

“Overall, they look less like a fish than a medieval dart”
~Lawrence Payne, 2016
“They’re like an alligator with fins instead of legs”
~Solomon David, describing a gar to just about anyone.
With descriptions like these, is it any surprise that gars (Lepisosteidae) aren’t the most popular fishes “in the sea?” Did I mention they’re armored with enamel-like scales and have jaws full of sharp teeth…and they can breathe air? What’s not to like?
While basic gar morphology hasn’t changed much since the Cretaceous period, our perceptions of gars have started to evolve over the past few decades. These once-hated fish are garnering an improved…

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